Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stephen West Mystery Shawl KAL Starting This July!

If you have never knit a Stephen West design, you have really been missing out. His designs are unique and a ton of fun to knit. They are geometrical with really interesting uses of color. This KAL starts in July. The pattern is $4.00 and can be purchased from Ravelry here. Join the Mystery Shawl Knit-A-Long Group and make some new friends! The mystery shawl is called Rockefeller, takes 2 colors of fingering weight yarn and a 32" size 3 circular needle. Head over to Ravelry and join in the fun!

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat!

Friday, May 14, 2010


If you have a blog or website relating to knitting, fiber arts or ratties, post or send me the link so I can add it to my list!

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat!

Happy Father’s Day!

In the USA, Father’s Day is June 20. Plenty of time to knit that special father in your life a one of a kind gift. Here’s a list of some free knitting patterns for gifts that are a bit different from the same old sweater/scarf/hat we’ve all knit for our Dads and husbands.

For the Sporty Dad:

Golf Club Covers -
A basic cover from the Lion Brand Yarn Company. Cabled.

Gorgeous Fair Isle pattern golf club covers. (photo)

Tennis Racket Cover

Camping Set: Pan Handle Cozy and Wool Mitt.

For the Techie Dad:

Kindle Cover - Cabled.

Laptop Covers

Aran design (photo)


Felted Messenger Bag - Pair with the laptop cover and he’s set to go to work in style. (photo)

iPod Ear Bud Covers - The "Egad I forgot to get my Dad something the night before" knitting project. (photo)

iPod Cover - Simple pattern.

Phone Cover - Cabled pattern.

For the Hungry & Thirsty Dad:

Bottle or Can Cozy - Simple

Wine Cozy

Elvis Wig - He may wear this after drinking all that beer and wine. (photo)

Felted Lunch Bag - He'll be hungry after all that Elvis pelvis dancing.

For the Well Dressed Dad:

Argyle Socks

Bow Tie - Geek him out!

Chevy Tie - With a chevy symbol for that special motorhead guy.

Vintage Waistcoat - For the classy Dad. (photo)

Silk Tie - pair with the waistcoat for the ultimate handmade classy Dad.

Kimono - The perfect gift for relaxation with the kindle cover, iPod bud covers and beer can cover!

Slippers - a felted clog. (photo)

Belt - Basic. But will keep his pants up!

For the Musical Dad:

Guitar Strap - Need I say Elvis wig too?

Shadow Knit Piano Scarf - Just very cool.

Don't Dads deserve to be embarrassed by having to wear handmade gifts in public too?!!! So get cracking!

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22, 2010. Here's a list of resources and patterns so knitters can get in the action too!

Official Earth Day Website

All kinds of great info on green knitting.

How to Make Your Knitting Eco-Friendly

Green Knitting and Crocheting Using Non-Traditional Materials

Knit Green: 20 Projects and Ideas for Sustainability by Joanne Seiff
Looks like a wonderful book!

Start a Green Knitting Club at Work

Plastic Bag Crafts - Lots of creative things to do with plastic bags.

Instructions for cutting plastic bags & creating recycled plastic yarn (Plarn)

Tutorial: How to turn plastic grocery bags into a crocheted reusable bag

The Recycled-Bag Bag
Free Pattern (Photo)

Recycling Yarn
A how-to article

Recycled Container Portable Yarn Holders
A how-to article

Rag Knitting
A how-to article

33 Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Make: Free Patterns
All different methods, sewing, knitting, crocheting...

A Knitted Grocery Bag (Photo)
Free pattern

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat! (But use plarn!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Geriatric Ratties

In rat years, my ratties are senior citizens. They are almost 2 years old which is the average life span of a ratso. I don't like to think about it but I can't ignore it. I am dreading the day when my knitting buddies pass to the Rainbow Bridge. I haven't decided yet if I can take the heartbreak again and adopt some new little squishies. Though I probably will as I dearly love my ratties. As I am approaching this crossroad with my guys, it is important for me to know how to take care of geriatric ratties. Here is a very good article on the care of an aging rat.

Rats live a short, fast & furious and joyful life. Instead of dwelling on the end, I believe that I will enjoy the now with my little loves and live life with them as they do - enjoying every precious moment.

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat!

Magnetic Needle Tin Update

I had an old tin lying around for years. It was my grandfather's and was full of old washers. It originally held crystalized ginger, which I think they ought to bring back in tins. To diverge, here's a great recipe for crystalized ginger if you are so inclined to make your own.

My research shows that this tin probably came from the early 1900's, though I can't conclusively verify that. In any event, I thought it would make a perfect magnetic needle case. It's the right size, I love how it looks and it's sentimental.

Here's how it came out. I really love it.

Tips for making your own needle tin: use fun foam as a padding for the magnet, glue it in first, it helps smooth out the magnet. Also, make sure you have the magnetic side up when you glue or your needles won't stick to it. (Yes, I glued it wrong side down first time, duh.) Make sure the tin is the size you want, think about how you will use it and where you will take it. The Altoids tin I first experimented with was too small for my embroidery scissors but it works well in my sewing room. I also made a tiny little tin to keep in my purse with a little bit of thread for emergencies, Altoids sells tiny mints in tiny tins now. And last, make sure the tin stays closed but is not too too difficult to open or your needles will go flying every time you open it.

If anyone makes one of these, I'd love to see it! Please post!

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat!

Friday, April 2, 2010

What Knitting With Rats Looks Like

The very rare time that a ratty is allowed free range without hazmat proofing everything near him.

Eli thinks the yoga bag is coming along nicely but a little pee on it would make it perfect.

Until next time...Knit...Purl...Rat!